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1    existing in a person or animal from birth; congenital; inborn  
2    being an essential part of the character of a person or thing  
3    instinctive; not learned  
innate capacities     
4      (Botany)   (of anthers) joined to the filament by the base only  
5    (in rationalist philosophy) (of ideas) present in the mind before any experience and knowable by pure reason  
     (C15: from Latin, from innasci to be born in, from nasci to be born)  
  innately      adv  
  innateness      n  

innate releasing mechanism  
      n     (Psychol)   the process by which a stimulus evokes a response when the connection between the two is inborn,   (Abbrev.)    IRM  
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congenital, connate, constitutional, essential, immanent, inborn, inbred, indigenous, ingrained, inherent, inherited, in one's blood, instinctive, intrinsic, intuitive, native, natural  
   accidental, acquired, affected, assumed, cultivated, fostered, incidental, learned, nurtured, unnatural  

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