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1    not corrupted or tainted with evil or unpleasant emotion; sinless; pure  
2    not guilty of a particular crime; blameless  
3    postpositive; foll by: of   free (of); lacking  
innocent of all knowledge of history     
a    harmless or innocuous  
an innocent game     
b    not cancerous  
an innocent tumour     
5    credulous, naive, or artless  
6    simple-minded; slow-witted  
7    an innocent person, esp. a young child or an ingenuous adult  
8    a simple-minded person; simpleton  
  innocently      adv  

Innocent II  
      n   original name Gregorio Papareschi. died 1143, pope (1130--43). He condemned Abelard's teachings  
Innocent III  
      n   original name Giovanni Lotario de' Conti. ?1161--1216, pope (1198--1216), under whom the temporal power of the papacy reached its height. He instituted the Fourth Crusade (1202) and a crusade against the Albigenses (1208), and called the fourth Lateran Council (1215)  
Innocent IV  
      n   original name Sinibaldo de' Fieschi. died 1254, pope (1243--54); an unrelenting enemy of Emperor Frederick II and his heirs  
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1    blameless, clear, faultless, guiltless, honest, in the clear, not guilty, uninvolved, unoffending  
2    chaste, immaculate, impeccable, incorrupt, pristine, pure, righteous, sinless, spotless, stainless, unblemished, unsullied, upright, virgin, virginal  
3      (with)       of   clear of, empty of, free from, ignorant, lacking, nescient, unacquainted with, unaware, unfamiliar with, untouched by  
4    harmless, innocuous, inoffensive, unmalicious, unobjectionable, well-intentioned, well-meant  
5    artless, childlike, credulous, frank, guileless, gullible, ingenuous, naive, open, simple, unsuspicious, unworldly, wet behind the ears     (informal)  
6    babe (in arms)     (informal)   child, greenhorn     (informal)   ingénue or (masc.) ingénu  
1    blameworthy, culpable, dishonest, guilty, responsible  
2    corrupt, immoral, impure, sinful, wrong  
4    evil, harmful, iniquitous, malicious, offensive, wicked  
5    artful, disingenuous, sophisticated, worldly  

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