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1    a person who inspects, esp. an official who examines for compliance with regulations, standards, etc.  
2    a police officer ranking below a superintendent or chief inspector and above a sergeant  
  inspectoral, inspectorial      adj  
  inspectorship      n  

inspector general  
      n   pl   , inspectors general  
1    the head of an inspectorate or inspection system; an officer with wide investigative powers  
2    a staff officer of the military, air, or naval service with the responsibility of conducting inspections and investigations  
inspector of taxes  
      n   an official of the Inland Revenue whose work is to assess individuals' income tax liability  
public health inspector  
      n      (in Britain) a former name for       Environmental Health Officer  
sanitary inspector  
      n      (in Britain) a former name for       Environmental Health Officer  
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censor, checker, critic, examiner, investigator, overseer, scrutineer, scrutinizer, superintendent, supervisor  

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