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1    a case or particular example  
2    for instance   for or as an example  
3    a specified stage in proceedings; step (in the phrases in the first, second, etc., instance)  
4    urgent request or demand (esp. in the phrase at the instance of)  
5      (Logic)  
a    an expression derived from another by instantiation  
b       See       substitution       4b  
6    Archaic   motive or reason  
      vb   tr  
7    to cite as an example  
     (C14 (in the sense: case, example): from Medieval Latin instantia example, (in the sense: urgency) from Latin: a being close upon, presence, from instans pressing upon, urgent; see instant)  

court of first instance  
      n   a court in which legal proceedings are begun or first heard  
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1    case, case in point, example, illustration, occasion, occurrence, precedent, situation, time  
2    application, behest, demand, entreaty, importunity, impulse, incitement, insistence, instigation, pressure, prompting, request, solicitation, urging  
3    adduce, cite, mention, name, quote, specify  

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