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      vb   tr  
1    to organize; establish  
2    to initiate  
to institute a practice     
3    to establish in a position or office; induct  
4    foll by: in or into   to install (a clergyman) in a church  
5    an organization founded for particular work, such as education, promotion of the arts, or scientific research  
6    the building where such an organization is situated  
7    something instituted, esp. a rule, custom, or precedent  
     (C16: from Latin instituere, from statuere to place, stand)  
  institutor, instituter      n  

City and Guilds of London Institute  
      n   (in Britain) an examining body for technical and craft skills, many of the examinations being at a lower standard than for a degree,   (Often shortened to)    City and Guilds  
collegiate institute  
      n     (Canadian)   (in certain provinces) a large secondary school meeting set requirements in terms of courses, facilities, and specialist staff  
European Monetary Institute  
      n   an organization set up in 1991 to coordinate economic and monetary policy within the European Union  
technical institute  
      n     (N.Z)   a higher-education institution,   (Sometimes (informal) shortened to)    tech  
Women's Institute  
      n   (in Britain and Commonwealth countries) a society for women interested in the problems of the home and in engaging in social activities  
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      vb   appoint, begin, bring into being, commence, constitute, enact, establish, fix, found, induct, initiate, install, introduce, invest, launch, ordain, organize, originate, pioneer, put into operation, set in motion, settle, set up, start  
   abandon, abolish, cancel, cease, discontinue, end, stop, suspend, terminate  

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institute          [2]  
1    academy, association, college, conservatory, foundation, guild, institution, school, seat of learning, seminary, society  
2    custom, decree, doctrine, dogma, edict, law, maxim, precedent, precept, principle, regulation, rule, tenet  

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