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1      (R.C. Church)   the exclusion of a person or all persons in a particular place from certain sacraments and other benefits, although not from communion  
2      (Civil law)   any order made by a court or official prohibiting an act  
3      (Scots law)   an order having the effect of an injunction  
4      (Roman history)  
a    an order of a praetor commanding or forbidding an act  
b    the procedure by which this order was sought  
      vb   tr  
5    to place under legal or ecclesiastical sanction; prohibit; forbid  
6      (Military)   to destroy (an enemy's lines of communication) by firepower  
     (C13: from Latin interdictum prohibition, from interdicere to forbid, from inter- + dicere to say)  
  interdictive, interdictory      adj  
  interdictively      adv  
  interdictor      n  

interdict list  
      n      another name for       Indian list  
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      vb   ban, bar, debar, disallow, forbid, outlaw, prevent, prohibit, proscribe, veto  
      n   ban, disallowance, disqualification, interdiction, prohibition, taboo, veto  

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