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1      (Physical chem)   a surface that forms the boundary between two bodies, liquids, or chemical phases  
2    a common point or boundary between two things, subjects, etc.  
3    an electrical circuit linking one device, esp. a computer, with another  
4    tr   to design or adapt the input and output configurations of (two electronic devices) so that they may work together compatibly  
5    to be or become an interface (with)  
6    to be or become interactive (with)  
  interfacial      adj  
  interfacially      adv  

communication interface  
      n   an electronic circuit, usually designed to a specific standard, that enables one machine to telecommunicate with another machine  
graphical user interface  
      n   an interface between a user and a computer system that involves the use of a mouse-controlled screen cursor to select options from menus, make choices with buttons, start programs by clicking icons, etc.,   (Abbrev.)    GUI  
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a multitude of user’s interfaces which connect to the online value of an individual on internet.
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