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1    the sound pattern of phrases and sentences produced by pitch variation in the voice  
2    the act or manner of intoning  
3    an intoned, chanted, or monotonous utterance; incantation  
4      (Music)   the opening of a piece of plainsong, sung by a soloist  
5      (Music)  
a    the correct or accurate pitching of intervals  
b    the capacity to play or sing in tune  
   See also       just intonation  
  intonational      adj  

intonation pattern   , contour  
      n     (Linguistics)   a characteristic series of musical pitch levels that serves to distinguish between questions, statements, and other types of utterance in a language  
just intonation  
      n   a form of tuning employing the pitch intervals of the untempered natural scale, sometimes employed in the playing of the violin, cello, etc.  
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1    accentuation, cadence, inflection, modulation, tone  
2    chant, incantation  

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