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1    to turn or cause to turn upside down or inside out  
2    tr   to reverse in effect, sequence, direction, etc.  
3    tr     (Phonetics)  
a    to turn (the tip of the tongue) up and back  
b    to pronounce (a speech sound) by retroflexion  
4      (Logic)   to form the inverse of a categorial proposition  
5      (Psychiatry)  
a    a person who adopts the role of the opposite sex  
b       another word for       homosexual  
6      (Architect)  
a    the lower inner surface of a drain, sewer, etc.  
   Compare       soffit       2  
b    an arch that is concave upwards, esp. one used in foundations  
     (C16: from Latin invertere, from in-2 + vertere to turn)  
   invertible             adj  
  invertibility      n  
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