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      vb   tr  
1    to call upon (an agent, esp. God or another deity) for help, inspiration, etc.  
2    to put (a law, penalty, etc.) into use  
the union invoked the dispute procedure     
3    to appeal to (an outside agent or authority) for confirmation, corroboration, etc.  
4    to implore or beg (help, etc.)  
5    to summon (a spirit, demon, etc.); conjure up  
     (C15: from Latin invocare to call upon, appeal to, from vocare to call)  
  invocable      adj  
  invoker      n  
Invoke is sometimes wrongly used where evoke is meant: this proposal evoked (not invoked) a strong reaction  
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1    adjure, appeal to, beg, beseech, call upon, conjure, entreat, implore, petition, pray, solicit, supplicate  
2    apply, call in, have recourse to, implement, initiate, put into effect, resort to, use  

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