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      vb   tr  
1    to include or contain as a necessary part  
the task involves hard work     
2    to have an effect on; spread to  
the investigation involved many innocent people     
3    often passive; usually foll by: in or with   to concern or associate significantly  
many people were involved in the crime     
4    often passive   to make complicated; tangle  
the situation was further involved by her disappearance     
5    Rare, often poetic   to wrap or surround  
6      (Maths, obsolete)   to raise to a specified power  
     (C14: from Latin involvere to roll in, surround, from in-2 + volvere to roll)  
  involvement      n  
  involver      n  
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1    entail, imply, mean, necessitate, presuppose, require  
2    affect, associate, compromise, concern, connect, draw in, implicate, incriminate, inculpate, mix up     (informal)   stitch up     (slang)   touch  
3    comprehend, comprise, contain, cover, embrace, include, incorporate, number among, take in  
4    absorb, bind, commit, engage, engross, grip, hold, preoccupy, rivet, wrap up  
5    complicate, embroil, enmesh, entangle, link, mire, mix up, snarl up, tangle  

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! involve v.
engage as a participant

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