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ion exchange


      n   the process in which ions are exchanged between a solution and an insoluble solid, usually a resin. It is used to soften water, to separate radioactive isotopes, and to purify certain industrial chemicals  
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1    tr   to give up, part with, or transfer (one thing) for an equivalent  
to exchange gifts, to exchange francs for dollars     
2    tr   to give and receive (information, ideas, etc.); interchange  
3    tr   to replace (one thing) with another, esp. to replace unsatisfactory goods  
4    to transfer or hand over (goods) in return for the equivalent value in kind rather than in money; barter; trade  
5    tr     (Chess)   to capture and surrender (pieces, usually of the same value) in a single sequence of moves  
6    the act or process of exchanging  
a    anything given or received as an equivalent, replacement, or substitute for something else  
b    (as modifier)  
an exchange student     
8    an argument or quarrel; altercation  
the two men had a bitter exchange     
9      (Also called)    telephone exchange   a switching centre in which telephone lines are interconnected  
a    a place where securities or commodities are sold, bought, or traded, esp. by brokers or merchants  
a stock exchange, a corn exchange     
b    (as modifier)  
an exchange broker     
a    the system by which commercial debts between parties in different places are settled by commercial documents, esp. bills of exchange, instead of by direct payment of money  
b    the percentage or fee charged for accepting payment in this manner  
12    a transfer or interchange of sums of money of equivalent value, as between different national currencies or different issues of the same currency  
13    often pl   the cheques, drafts, bills, etc., exchanged or settled between banks in a clearing house  
14      (Chess)   the capture by both players of pieces of equal value, usually on consecutive moves  
15    win (or lose) the exchange     (Chess)   to win (or lose) a rook in return for a bishop or knight  
16      (Med)      another word for       transfusion       2  
17      (Physics)   a process in which a particle is transferred between two nucleons, such as the transfer of a meson between two nucleons,   (See also)        bill of exchange       exchange rate       foreign exchange       labour exchange  
     (C14: from Anglo-French eschaungier, from Vulgar Latin excambiare (unattested), from Latin cambire to barter)  
  exchangeable      adj  
  exchangeability      n  
  exchangeably      adv  
  exchanger      n  

bill of exchange  
      n   (now chiefly in foreign transactions) a document, usually negotiable, containing an instruction to a third party to pay a stated sum of money at a designated future date or on demand  
corn exchange  
      n   a building where corn is bought and sold  
employment exchange  
      n     (Brit)      a former name for       employment office  
exchange force  
      n     (Physics)  
1    a force between two elementary particles resulting from the exchange of a virtual particle  
2    the force causing the alignment of the magnetic dipole moments of atoms in ferromagnetic materials  
exchange rate  
      n   the rate at which the currency unit of one country may be exchanged for that of another  
Exchange Rate Mechanism  
1    the mechanism formerly used in the European Monetary System in which participating governments commited themselves to maintain the values of their currencies in relation to the ECU,   (Abbrev.)    ERM  
2      (Also)    Exchange Rate Mechanism II   the mechanism used to stabilize the currencies of European Union States that have not adopted the euro but wish to participate in European Monetary Union,   (Abbrev.)    ERM II  
Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index  
      n   an index of share prices produced by the Financial Times based on an average of 100 securities and giving the best indication of daily movements,   (Abbrev.)    FTSE 100 Index     (Informal name)    Footsie  
foreign exchange  
1    the system by which one currency is converted into another, enabling international transactions to take place without the physical transportation of gold  
2    foreign bills and currencies  
gold-exchange standard  
      n   a monetary system by which one country's currency, which is not itself based on the gold standard, is kept at a par with another currency that is based on the gold standard  
ion exchange  
      n   the process in which ions are exchanged between a solution and an insoluble solid, usually a resin. It is used to soften water, to separate radioactive isotopes, and to purify certain industrial chemicals  
labour exchange  
      n     (Brit)      a former name for       employment office  
medium of exchange  
      n   anything acceptable as a measure of value and a standard of exchange for goods and services in a particular country, region, etc.  
needle exchange  
      n   a centre where drug users can exchange used hypodermic syringes for new ones  
part exchange  
      n   a transaction in which used goods are taken as partial payment for more expensive ones of the same type  
post exchange  
      n     (U.S)   a government-subsidized shop operated mainly for military personnel,   (Abbrev.)    PX  
rate of exchange  
      n      See       exchange rate  
Securities and Exchange Commission  
      n   a U.S. federal agency established in 1934 to supervise and regulate issues of and transactions in securities and to prosecute illegal stock manipulations,   (Abbrev.)    SEC  
stock exchange  
      n   often caps  
1      (Also called)    stock market  
a    a highly organized market facilitating the purchase and sale of securities and operated by professional stockbrokers and market makers according to fixed rules  
b    a place where securities are regularly traded  
c    (as modifier)  
a stock-exchange operator, stock-exchange prices     
2    the prices or trading activity of a stock exchange  
the stock exchange fell heavily today     

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1    bandy, barter, change, commute, convert into, interchange, reciprocate, swap     (informal)   switch, trade, truck  
2    barter, dealing, interchange, quid pro quo, reciprocity, substitution, swap     (informal)   switch, tit for tat, trade, traffic, truck  
3    Bourse, market  

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