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ionic bond


      n      another name for       electrovalent bond  
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electrovalent bond  
      n   a type of chemical bond in which one atom loses an electron to form a positive ion and the other atom gains the electron to form a negative ion. The resulting ions are held together by electrostatic attraction,   (Also called)    ionic bond             Compare       covalent bond  

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      adj   of, relating to, or occurring in the form of ions  

1    of, denoting, or relating to one of the five classical orders of architecture, characterized by fluted columns and capitals with scroll-like ornaments  
   See also       Doric       Composite       Tuscan       Corinthian  
2    of or relating to Ionia, its inhabitants, or their dialect of Ancient Greek  
3      (Prosody)   of, relating to, designating, or employing Ionics in verse  
4    one of four chief dialects of Ancient Greek; the dialect spoken in Ionia  
   Compare       Aeolic       Arcadic       Doric  
See also  
    Attic       3  
5    (in classical prosody) a type of metrical foot having either two long followed by two short syllables (greater Ionic), or two short followed by two long syllables (lesser Ionic)  
ionic bond  
      n      another name for       electrovalent bond  

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