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      n   functioning as sing   physical exercise involving isometric contraction of muscles  
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      adj     (also)   
1    having equal dimensions or measurements  
2      (Physiol)   of or relating to muscular contraction that does not produce shortening of the muscle  
3    (of a crystal or system of crystallization) having three mutually perpendicular equal axes  
4      (Crystallog)      another word for       cubic       4  
5      (Prosody)   having or made up of regular feet  
6    (of a method of projecting a drawing in three dimensions) having the three axes equally inclined and all lines drawn to scale  
7      (Also called)    isometric drawing   a drawing made in this way  
8      (Also called)    isometric line   a line on a graph showing variations of pressure with temperature at constant volume  
     (C19: from Greek isometria (see iso- + -metry) + -ic)  
  isometrically      adv  

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