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jack pine


      n   a coniferous tree, Pinus banksiana, of North America, having paired needle-like leaves and small cones that remain on the branches for many years: family Pinaceae  
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jack          [1]  
1    a man or fellow  
2    a sailor  
3    the male of certain animals, esp. of the ass or donkey  
4    a mechanical or hydraulic device for exerting a large force, esp. to raise a heavy weight such as a motor vehicle  
5    any of several mechanical devices that replace manpower, such as a contrivance for rotating meat on a spit  
6    one of four playing cards in a pack, one for each suit, bearing the picture of a young prince; knave  
7      (Bowls)   a small usually white bowl at which the players aim with their own bowls  
8      (Electrical engineering)   a female socket with two or more terminals designed to receive a male plug (jack plug) that either makes or breaks the circuit or circuits  
9    a flag, esp. a small flag flown at the bow of a ship indicating the ship's nationality  
   Compare       Union Jack  
10      (Nautical)   either of a pair of crosstrees at the head of a topgallant mast used as standoffs for the royal shrouds  
11    a part of the action of a harpsichord, consisting of a fork-shaped device on the end of a pivoted lever on which a plectrum is mounted  
12    any of various tropical and subtropical carangid fishes, esp. those of the genus Caranx, such as C. hippos (crevalle jack)  
13      (Also called)    jackstone   one of the pieces used in the game of jacks  
14    short for applejack, bootjack, jackass, jackfish, jack rabbit, and lumberjack  
15      (U.S.)      a slang word for       money  
16    every man jack   everyone without exception  
17    jack of     (Austral)  
slang   tired or fed up with (something)  
      vb   tr  
18    to lift or push (an object) with a jack  
19      (Also)    jacklight     (U.S. and Canadian)   to hunt (fish or game) by seeking them out or dazzling them with a flashlight,   (See also)       jack in  

jack up  

     (C16 jakke, variant of Jankin, diminutive of John)  

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jack up

1    elevate, heave, hoist, lift, lift up, raise, rear  
2    accelerate, augment, boost, escalate, increase, inflate, put up, raise  

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