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a    a kind of music of African-American origin, characterized by syncopated rhythms, solo and group improvisation, and a variety of harmonic idioms and instrumental techniques. It exists in a number of styles  
   Compare       blues  
See also  
    bebop       bop       Dixieland       free       7       hard bop       harmolodics       mainstream       2       modern jazz       New Orleans jazz       swing       28       trad  
b    (as modifier)  
a jazz band     
c    (in combination)  
a jazzman     
2    Informal   enthusiasm or liveliness  
3    Slang   rigmarole; paraphernalia  
legal papers and all that jazz     
4      (African-American)  
slang, obsolete   sexual intercourse  
5    intr   to play or dance to jazz music  
6      (African-American)  
slang, obsolete   to have sexual intercourse with (a person)  
     (C20: of unknown origin)  
  jazzer      n  

jazz age  
      n   often caps   the. (esp. in the U.S.) the period between the end of World War I and the beginning of the Depression during which jazz became popular  
     (C20: popularized by F. Scott Fitzgerald, who called a collection of his short stories Tales of the Jazz Age (1922))  
jazz up  
      vb   tr, adv  
1    to imbue (a piece of music) with jazz qualities, esp. by improvisation or a quicker tempo  
2    to make more lively, gaudy, or appealing  
modern jazz  
      n   any of the styles of jazz that evolved between the early 1940s and the later emergence of avant-garde jazz, characterized by a greater harmonic and rhythmic complexity than hitherto  
New Orleans jazz  
      n   the jazz originating in New Orleans from about 1914; traditional jazz  
West Coast jazz  
      n   a type of cool jazz displaying a soft intimate sound, regular rhythms, and a tendency to incorporate academic classical devices into jazz, such as fugue  
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jazz up

animate, enhance, enliven, heighten, improve  

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