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jet lag


      n   a general feeling of fatigue and disorientation often experienced by travellers by jet aircraft who cross several time zones in relatively few hours  
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jet          [1]  
1    a thin stream of liquid or gas forced out of a small aperture or nozzle  
2    an outlet or nozzle for emitting such a stream  
3    a jet-propelled aircraft  
4      (Astronomy)   a long thin feature extending from an active galaxy and usually observed at radio wavelengths  
      vb   , jets, jetting, jetted  
5    to issue or cause to issue in a jet  
water jetted from the hose, he jetted them with water     
6    to transport or be transported by jet aircraft  
     (C16: from Old French jeter to throw, from Latin jactare to toss about, frequentative of jacere to throw)  

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      adj   black, coal-black, ebony, inky, pitch-black, raven, sable  

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