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1    any of several old rustic kicking and leaping dances  
2    a piece of music composed for or in the rhythm of this dance, usually in six-eight time  
3    a mechanical device designed to hold and locate a component during machining and to guide the cutting tool  
4      (Angling)   any of various spinning lures that wobble when drawn through the water  
5      (Also called)    jigger     (Mining)   a device for separating ore or coal from waste material by agitation in water  
6    Obsolete   a joke or prank  
      vb   , jigs, jigging, jigged  
7    to dance (a jig)  
8    to jerk or cause to jerk up and down rapidly  
9    often foll by: up   to fit or be fitted in a jig  
10    tr   to drill or cut (a workpiece) in a jig  
11      (Mining)   to separate ore or coal from waste material using a jig  
12    intr   to produce or manufacture a jig  
13      (Austral)  
slang   to play truant from school  
     (C16 (originally: a dance or the music for it; applied to various modern devices because of the verbal sense: to jerk up and down rapidly): of unknown origin)  
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      vb   bob, bounce, caper, jiggle, jounce, prance, shake, skip, twitch, wiggle, wobble  

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