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1    a person or thing that jigs  
2      (Golf)   an iron, now obsolete, with a thin blade, used for hitting long shots from a bare lie  
3    any of a number of mechanical devices having a vibratory or jerking motion  
4    a light lifting tackle used on ships  
5    a small glass, esp. for whisky, with a capacity of about one and a half ounces  
6      (N.Z.)   a light hand- or power-propelled vehicle used on railway lines  
7      (Engineering)   a type of hydraulic lift in which a hydraulic ram operates the lift through a block and tackle which increases the length of the stroke  
8      (Canadian)   a device used when setting a gill net beneath ice  
9      (Mining)      another word for       jig       5  
10      (Nautical)      short for       jiggermast  
11      (Billiards)      another word for       bridge   1       10  
12      (U.S. and Canadian)  
informal   a device or thing the name of which is unknown or temporarily forgotten  
13      (Liverpool)  
dialect   an alleyway  
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