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, judgement         
1    the faculty of being able to make critical distinctions and achieve a balanced viewpoint; discernment  
a    the verdict pronounced by a court of law  
b    an obligation arising as a result of such a verdict, such as a debt  
c    the document recording such a verdict  
d    (as modifier)  
a judgment debtor     
3    the formal decision of one or more judges at a contest or competition  
4    a particular decision or opinion formed in a case in dispute or doubt  
5    an estimation  
a good judgment of distance     
6    criticism or censure  
7      (Logic)  
a    the act of establishing a relation between two or more terms, esp. as an affirmation or denial  
b    the expression of such a relation  
8    against one's better judgment   contrary to a more appropriate or preferred course of action  
9    sit in judgment  
a    to preside as judge  
b    to assume the position of critic  
10    in someone's judgment   in someone's opinion  
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result of a legal proceeding (American); considered conclusion after thoughtful analysis
Judgement is a stronger word than opinion.
synonym for "opinion"
take a decision based on one's subjective conclusions, when objective evidence is not available
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