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jug band


      n   a small group playing folk or jazz music, using empty jugs that are played by blowing across their openings to produce bass notes  
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band          [1]  
1    a company of people having a common purpose; group  
a band of outlaws     
2    a group of musicians playing either brass and percussion instruments only (brass band) or brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments (concert band or military band)  
3    a group of musicians who play popular music, jazz, etc., often for dancing  
4    a group of instrumentalists generally; orchestra  
5      (Canadian)   a formally recognized group of Indians on a reserve  
6      (Anthropol)   a division of a tribe; a family group or camp group  
7      (U.S. and Canadian)   a flock or herd  
8    usually foll by: together   to unite; assemble  
     (C15: from French bande probably from Old Provençal banda of Germanic origin; compare Gothic bandwa sign banner)  

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      n   bandage, belt, binding, bond, chain, cord, fetter, fillet, ligature, manacle, ribbon, shackle, strap, strip, tie  

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having a changeable luster or color with an undulating narrow band of white light
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