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king penguin


      n   a large penguin, Aptenodytes patagonica, found on islands bordering the Antarctic Circle  
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1    a male sovereign prince who is the official ruler of an independent state; monarch  
   Related adjs       royal       regal       monarchical  
a    a ruler or chief  
king of the fairies     
b    (in combination)  
the pirate king     
a    a person, animal, or thing considered as the best or most important of its kind  
b    (as modifier)  
a king bull     
4    any of four playing cards in a pack, one for each suit, bearing the picture of a king  
5    the most important chess piece, although theoretically the weakest, being able to move only one square at a time in any direction  
   See also       check       30       checkmate  
6      (Draughts)   a piece that has moved entirely across the board and has been crowned, after which it may move backwards as well as forwards  
7    king of kings  
a    God  
b    a title of any of various oriental monarchs  
      vb   tr  
8    to make (someone) a king  
9    king it   to act in a superior fashion  
     (Old English cyning; related to Old High German kunig king, Danish konge)  
  kinghood      n  
  kingless      adj  
  kinglike      adj  

à la king  
      adj   usually postpositive   cooked in a cream sauce with mushrooms and green peppers  
cavalier King Charles spaniel  
      n      See       King Charles spaniel  
Good King Henry  
      n   a weedy chenopodiaceous plant, Chenopodium bonus-henricus, of N Europe, W Asia, and North America, having arrow-shaped leaves and clusters of small green flowers  
1    B.B., real name Riley B. King. born 1925, U.S. blues singer and guitarist  
2    Billie Jean (néeMoffitt). born 1943, U.S. tennis player: Wimbledon champion 1966--68, 1972--73, and 1975; U.S. champion 1967, 1971--72, and 1974  
3    Martin Luther. 1929--68, U.S. Baptist minister and civil-rights leader. He advocated nonviolence in his campaigns against the segregation of Blacks in the South: assassinated: Nobel Peace Prize 1964  
4    William Lyon Mackenzie. 1874--1950, Canadian Liberal statesman; prime minister (1921--26; 1926--30; 1935--48)  
King Charles spaniel  
1    a toy breed of spaniel with a short turned-up nose and a domed skull  
2    cavalier King Charles spaniel   a similar breed that is slightly larger and has a longer nose  
     (C17: named after Charles II of England, who popularized the breed)  
king cobra  
      n   a very large venomous tropical Asian elapid snake, Ophiophagus hannah, that feeds on snakes and other reptiles and extends its neck into a hood when alarmed,   (Also called)    hamadryad  
King Country  
      n   the. an area in the centre of North Island, New Zealand: home of the King Movement, a nineteenth-century Maori separatist movement  
king crab  
      n      another name for the       horseshoe crab  
king-hit     (Austral)  
1    a knockout blow, esp. an unfair one  
      vb   , -hits, -hitting, -hit   tr  
2    to deliver a knockout blow to  
King James Version   , Bible  
      n   the. another name for the Authorized Version.  
      n   pl   , kings-of-arms  
1    the highest rank of heraldic officer, itself divided into the ranks of Garter, Clarenceaux, and Norroy and Ulster. In Scotland the first is Lyon  
2    a person holding this rank  
king of the castle  
      n     (Chiefly Brit)  
1    a children's game in which each child attempts to stand alone on a mound, sandcastle, etc., by pushing other children off it  
2    Informal   a person who is in a commanding or superior position  
king of the herrings  
      n      another name for       oarfish       rabbitfish       1  
king penguin  
      n   a large penguin, Aptenodytes patagonica, found on islands bordering the Antarctic Circle  
king post  
      n   a vertical post connecting the apex of a triangular roof truss to the tie beam,   (Also called)    joggle post      Compare       queen post  
king prawn  
      n   any of several large prawns of the genus Penaeus, which are fished commercially in Australian waters  
king salmon  
      n      another name for       Chinook salmon  
King's Bench  
      n      (when the sovereign is male) another name for       Queen's Bench Division  
King's Counsel  
      n      (when the sovereign is male) another name for       Queen's Counsel  
King's English  
      n   (esp. when the British sovereign is male) standard Southern British English  
king's evidence  
      n      (when the sovereign is male) another name for       queen's evidence  
king's evil  
the     (Pathol)      a former name for       scrofula  
     (C14: from the belief that the king's touch would heal scrofula)  
king's highway  
      n   (in Britain, esp. when the sovereign is male) any public road or right of way  
king-size   , king-sized  
      adj   larger or longer than a standard size  
King's Lynn  
      n   a market town in E England, in Norfolk on the estuary of the Great Ouse near the Wash: a leading port in the Middle Ages. Pop.: 41281 (1991),   (Also called)    Lynn, Lynn Regis  
king snake  
      n   any nonvenomous North American colubrid snake of the genus Lampropeltis, feeding on other snakes, small mammals, etc.  
king's peace  
1    (in early medieval England) the protection secured by the king for particular people or places  
2    (in medieval England) the general peace secured to the entire realm by the law administered in the king's name  
King's proctor  
      n   (in England when the sovereign is male) an official empowered to intervene in divorce and certain other cases when it is alleged that facts are being suppressed  
King's Regulations  
      pl n   (in Britain and the Commonwealth when the sovereign is male) the code of conduct for members of the armed forces that deals with discipline, aspects of military law, etc.  
King's Scout  
      n      (in Britain and the Commonwealth when the sovereign is male) another name for       Queen's Scout     (U.S. equivalent)    Eagle Scout  
king's shilling   ,   (when the sovereign was female)   queen's shilling  
1    (until 1879) a shilling paid to new recruits to the British army  
2    take the king's (or queen's) shilling     (Brit)   † † to enlist in the army  
King's speech  
      n      (in Britain and the Commonwealth when the sovereign is male) another name for the       speech from the throne  
Lyon King of Arms  
      n   the chief herald of Scotland,   (Also called)    Lord Lyon  
     (C14: archaic spelling of lion, referring to the figure on the royal shield)  
pearly king   ,   (fem.)   pearly queen  
      n   the London costermonger whose ceremonial clothes display the most lavish collection of pearl buttons  
   See also       pearly       4  
sea king  
      n   any of the greater Viking pirate chiefs who led raids on the coasts of early medieval Europe  
Sun King  
      n      the. an epithet of       Louis XIV  

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crowned head, emperor, majesty, monarch, overlord, prince, ruler, sovereign  

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