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life instinct


      n     (Psychoanal)   the instinct for reproduction and self-preservation  
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Eros   [1]  
1      (Greek myth)   the god of love, son of Aphrodite,   (Roman counterpart)    Cupid  
2      (Also called)    life instinct          (in Freudian theory) the group of instincts, esp. sexual, that govern acts of self-preservation and that tend towards uninhibited enjoyment of life  
   Compare       Thanatos  
     (Greek: desire, sexual love)  

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      n   pl   , lives  
1    the state or quality that distinguishes living beings or organisms from dead ones and from inorganic matter, characterized chiefly by metabolism, growth, and the ability to reproduce and respond to stimuli  
   Related adjs       animate       vital  
2    the period between birth and death  
3    a living person or being  
to save a life     
4    the time between birth and the present time  
a    the remainder or extent of one's life  
b    (as modifier)  
a life sentence, life membership, life subscription, life work     
6       short for       life imprisonment  
7    the amount of time that something is active or functioning  
the life of a battery     
8    a present condition, state, or mode of existence  
my life is very dull here     
a    a biography  
b    (as modifier)  
a life story     
a    a characteristic state or mode of existence  
town life     
b    (as modifier)  
life style     
11    the sum or course of human events and activities  
12    liveliness or high spirits  
full of life     
13    a source of strength, animation, or vitality  
he was the life of the show     
14    all living things, taken as a whole  
there is no life on Mars, plant life     
15    sparkle, as of wines  
16    strong or high flavour, as of fresh food  
17    modifier     (Arts)   drawn or taken from a living model  
life drawing, a life mask     
18      (Physics)      another name for       lifetime  
19    (in certain games) one of a number of opportunities of participation  
20    as large as life  
Informal   real and living  
21    larger than life   in an exaggerated form  
22    come to life  
a    to become animate or conscious  
b    to be realistically portrayed or represented  
23    for dear life   urgently or with extreme vigour or desperation  
24    for the life of me (him, her, etc.)   though trying desperately  
25    go for your life     (Austral. and N.Z.)  
informal   an expression of encouragement  
26    a matter of life and death   a matter of extreme urgency  
27    not on your life  
Informal   certainly not  
28    the life and soul  
Informal   a person regarded as the main source of merriment and liveliness  
the life and soul of the party     
29    the life of Riley  
Informal   an easy life  
30    to the life   (of a copy or image) resembling the original exactly  
31    to save (one's) life  
Informal   in spite of all considerations or attempts  
he couldn't play football to save his life     
32    the time of one's life   a memorably enjoyable time  
33    true to life   faithful to reality  
     (Old English lif; related to Old High German lib, Old Norse lif life, body)  

change of life  
      n      a nontechnical name for       menopause  
facts of life  
      pl n   the. the details of sexual behaviour and reproduction, esp. as told to children  
future life  
      n   a life after death; afterlife  
1    the time taken for half of the atoms in a radioactive material to undergo decay.,   (Symbol)    τ
2    the time required for half of a quantity of radioactive material absorbed by a living tissue or organism to be naturally eliminated (biological half-life) or removed by both elimination and decay (effective half-life)  
jaws of life  
      pl n   functioning as sing   powerful shears used for cutting a vehicle open after a collision  
kiss of life  
1    mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in which a person blows gently into the mouth of an unconscious person, allowing the lungs to deflate after each blow  
2    something that revitalizes or reinvigorates  
life assurance  
      n   a form of insurance providing for the payment of a specified sum to a named beneficiary on the death of the policyholder,   (Also called)    life insurance  
life belt  
      n   a ring filled with buoyant material or air, used to keep a person afloat when in danger of drowning  
life buoy  
      n   any of various kinds of buoyant device for keeping people afloat in an emergency  
life cycle  
      n   the series of changes occurring in an animal or plant between one development stage and the identical stage in the next generation  
life estate  
      n   property that may be held only for the extent of the holder's lifetime  
life expectancy  
      n   the statistically determined average number of years of life remaining after a specified age for a given group of individuals,   (Also called)    expectation of life  
life form  
1      (Biology)   the characteristic overall form and structure of a mature organism on the basis of which it can be classified  
2    any living creature  
3    (in science fiction) an alien  
Life Guards  
      pl n   (in Britain) a cavalry regiment forming part of the Household Brigade, who wear scarlet jackets and white plumes in their helmets  
life history  
1    the series of changes undergone by an organism between fertilization of the egg and death  
2    the series of events that make up a person's life  
life imprisonment  
      n   (in Britain) an indeterminate sentence always given for murder and as a maximum sentence in several other crimes. There is no remission, although the Home Secretary may order the prisoner's release on licence  
life instinct  
      n     (Psychoanal)   the instinct for reproduction and self-preservation  
life insurance  
      n      another name for       life assurance  
life interest  
      n   interest (esp. from property) that is payable to a person during his life but ceases with his death  
life jacket  
      n   an inflatable sleeveless jacket worn to keep a person afloat when in danger of drowning  
life mask  
      n   a cast taken from the face of a living person, usually using plaster of Paris  
life peer  
      n     (Brit)   a peer whose title lapses at his death  
life preserver  
1      (Brit)   a club or bludgeon, esp. one kept for self-defence  
2      (U.S. and Canadian)   a life belt or life jacket  
life raft  
      n   a raft for emergency use at sea  
1    the saver of a person's life  
2       another name for       lifeguard  
3    Informal   a person or thing that gives help in time of need  
  life-saving      adj, n  
life science  
      n   any one of the branches of science concerned with the structure and behaviour of living organisms, such as biology, botany, zoology, physiology, or biochemistry  
   Compare       physical science  
See also  
    social science  
life-size   , life-sized  
      adj   representing actual size  
life space  
      n     (Psychol)   a spatial representation of all the forces that control a person's behaviour  
life span  
      n   the period of time during which a human being, animal, machine, etc., may be expected to live or function under normal conditions  
      adj   of or providing the equipment required to sustain human life in an unnatural environment, such as in space, or in severe illness or disability  
life table  
      n      another name for       mortality table  
love life  
      n   the part of a person's life consisting of his or her sexual relationships  
mean life  
      n     (Physics)   the average time of existence of an unstable or reactive entity, such as a nucleus, elementary particle, charge carrier, etc.; lifetime. It is equal to the half-life divided by 0.693 15.,   (Symbol)    τ  
private life  
      n   the social or family life or personal relationships of an individual, esp. of a person in the public eye, such as a politician or celebrity  
product life cycle  
      n     (Marketing)   the four stages (introduction, growth, maturity, and decline) into one of which the sales of a product fall during its market life  
      adj   (of an organization, pressure group, etc.) supporting the right to life of the unborn; against abortion, experiments on embryos, etc.  
  pro-lifer      n  
real life  
a    actual human life, as lived by real people, esp. contrasted with the lives of fictional or fantasy characters  
miracles don't happen in real life     
b    (as modifier)  
a real-life mystery     
shelf life  
      n   the length of time a packaged food, chemical, etc., will last without deteriorating  
still life  
      n   pl   , still lifes  
a    a painting or drawing of inanimate objects, such as fruit, flowers, etc.  
b    (as modifier)  
a still-life painting     
2    the genre of such paintings  
tree of life  
1      (Old Testament)   a tree in the Garden of Eden, the fruit of which had the power of conferring eternal life (Genesis 2:9; 3:22)  
2      (New Testament)   a tree in the heavenly Jerusalem, for the healing of the nations (Revelation 22:2)  
      adj   directly comparable to reality  
a true-life romance     

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1    animation, being, breath, entity, growth, sentience, viability, vitality  
2    being, career, continuance, course, duration, existence, lifetime, span, time  
3    human, human being, individual, mortal, person, soul  
4    autobiography, biography, career, confessions, history, life story, memoirs, story  
5    behaviour, conduct, life style, way of life  
6    the human condition, the school of hard knocks, the times, the world, this mortal coil, trials and tribulations, vicissitudes  
7    activity, animation, brio, energy, get-up-and-go     (informal)   go     (informal)   high spirits, liveliness, oomph     (informal)   pep, sparkle, spirit, verve, vigour, vitality, vivacity, zest  
8    animating spirit, élan vital, essence, heart, lifeblood, soul, spirit, vital spark  
9    creatures, living beings, living things, organisms, wildlife  
10    come to life      awaken, become animate, revive, rouse, show signs of life  
11    for dear life        (informal)   desperately, for all one is worth, intensely, quickly, urgently, vigorously  

life work     
business, calling, career, interest, mission, occupation, profession, purpose, pursuit, vocation, work  

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expression used when referring to someone's profession, background, social class or life experience
E.g: People from all walks of life will participate to the event
in real life
[Internet slang] Life in the real world, in contrast to life on the Internet.
Basic Life Support
Advanced Life Support
intensive care in out of ICU setting
training or Intensive Care in out hospital Intensive care setting
Medical term; See also Mobile Intensive Care Unit
Advanced Trauma Life Support
Medical term
advanced life support mobile intensive care unit
Medical term
abbr. acron.
Short for "Fuck My Life".
last days, hours or minutes of life
Medical term
person who assists elderly people in their daily life
Everything one wants in life, but in a much more dramatic sense.
[Slang] Used in slang as an adjective since 2015. Instead of “these are my goals,” you would say, “Gigi Hadid is goals.”
The choice of web suicide or deletion of interactions for one’s own amounts to web death with regard to ones internet life.
a person who prefers to interact with his/her Google glasses rather than communicating with people in real life
person born at the end of the 90s ; persons starting their teen life of the beginning of the years 2000
taking on the night life after taking care of business during the day.
Potential of web system and mechanism for eternal life exists within the cyberspace.
when a person kills someone then takes their own life it is referred to as a murder suicide
Cyber extremism is resorting any measure of imposing predetermined ideology using any online platform, beyond the norms of existing common social way of life
[Leg.];[Tech.] basis of cyber terrorism
Cyber extremism is resorting any measure of imposing predetermined ideology using any online platform, beyond the norms of existing common social way of life
[Leg.];[Tech.] basis of cyber terrorism
what remains of someone's life in cyber space after his or her death
Digital estate Planning is the process having uniform rules of envisaging and arranging for the clearance of digital assets during a person physical life under virtual identity.
[Leg.];[Tech.] arranging for the clearance of digital assets
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