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liver opal


      n   a form of opal having a reddish-brown coloration,   (Also called)    menilite  
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liver          [1]  
1    a multilobed highly vascular reddish-brown glandular organ occupying most of the upper right part of the human abdominal cavity immediately below the diaphragm. It secretes bile, stores glycogen, detoxifies certain poisons, and plays an important part in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fat, helping to maintain a correct balance of nutrients  
   Related adj       hepatic  
2    the corresponding organ in animals  
3    the liver of certain animals used as food  
4    a reddish-brown colour, sometimes with a greyish tinge  
     (Old English lifer; related to Old High German lebrav, Old Norse lefr, Greek liparos fat)  
  liverless      adj  

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