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      n   pl   , -ties  
1    the greater number or part of something  
the majority of the constituents     
2    (in an election) the number of votes or seats by which the strongest party or candidate beats the combined opposition or the runner-up  
   See       relative majority       absolute majority  
3    the largest party or group that votes together in a legislative or deliberative assembly  
4    the time of reaching or state of having reached full legal age, when a person is held competent to manage his own affairs, exercise civil rights and duties, etc.  
5    the rank, office, or commission of major  
6    Euphemistic   the dead (esp. in the phrases join the majority, go or pass over to the majority)  
7    Obsolete   the quality or state of being greater; superiority  
8    modifier   of, involving, or being a majority  
a majority decision, a majority verdict     
9    in the majority   forming or part of the greater number of something  
     (C16: from Medieval Latin majoritas, from major (adj))  
The majority of can only refer to a number of things or people. When talking about an amount, most of should be used: most of (not the majority of) the harvest was saved  

absolute majority  
      n   a number of votes totalling over 50 per cent, such as the total number of votes or seats obtained by a party that beats the combined opposition  
   Compare       relative majority  
majority carrier  
      n   the entity responsible for carrying the greater part of the current in a semiconductor. In n-type semiconductors the majority carriers are electrons; in p-type semiconductors they are positively charged holes  
   Compare       minority carrier  
moral majority  
      n   a presumed majority of people believed to be in favour of a stricter code of public morals  
     (C20: after Moral Majority, a right-wing US religious organization, based on silent majority)  
Qualified Majority Voting  
      n   a voting system, used by the EU Council of Ministers, enabling certain resolutions to be passed without unanimity,   (Abbrev.)    QMV  
relative majority  
      n     (Brit)   the excess of votes or seats won by the winner of an election over the runner-up when no candidate or party has more than 50 per cent  
   Compare       absolute majority  
silent majority  
      n   a presumed moderate majority of the citizens who are too passive to make their views known  
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1    best part, bulk, greater number, mass, more, most, plurality, preponderance, superiority  
2    adulthood, manhood, maturity, seniority, womanhood  

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majority n.
the greater number or part of something
"the majority of" can only refer to a number of things or people. When talking about an amount, "most of" should be used. Ex.: Most of (not the majority of) the harvest was saved.

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