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1    an interconnected group or system  
a network of shops     
2      (Also)    net   a system of intersecting lines, roads, veins, etc.  
3       another name for       net   1       1       netting  
4      (Radio, television)   a group of broadcasting stations that all transmit the same programme simultaneously  
5      (Electronics)   a system of interconnected components or circuits  
6      (Computing)   a system of interconnected computer systems, terminals, and other equipment allowing information to be exchanged  
7    tr     (Radio, television)   to broadcast on stations throughout the country  
the Scotland-England match was networked     
8      (Computing)   (of computers, terminals, etc.) to connect or be connected  
9    intr   to form business contacts through informal social meetings  

augmented transition network  
      n   (in certain schools of linguistics) a formalism, usually expressed as a diagram, having the power of a Turing machine, used as the basis of processes transforming sentences into their syntactic representations,   (Abbrev.)    ATN  
crossover network  
      n   an electronic network in a loudspeaker system that separates the signal into two or more frequency bands, the lower frequencies being fed to a woofer, the higher frequencies to a tweeter  
local area network  
      n     (Computing)   the linking of a number of different devices by cable within a system,   (Abbrev.)    LAN  
neural network  
1    an interconnected system of neurons, as in the brain or other parts of the nervous system  
2      (Also called)    neural net   an analogous network of electronic components, esp. one in a computer designed to mimic the operation of the human brain  
old boy network  
      n     (Brit)  
informal   the appointment to power of former pupils of the same small group of public schools or universities  
wide area network  
      n     (Computing)   a network of computers interconnected over large distances, often by optical fibres or microwave communications,   (Abbrev.)    WAN  
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arrangement, channels, circuitry, complex, convolution, grid, grill, interconnections, labyrinth, lattice, maze, mesh, net, nexus, organization, plexus, structure, system, tracks, web  

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financial support for project provided collectively by a network of people on the Internet
a state of connectivity to the cyberspace through a medium of internet or computer network
virtual network linking an user to his or her professional and / or personal contacts
A progressing virtual world of global computers having networks of interdependent information technology infrastructures, telecommunications networks and computer processing systems, in which online interaction takes place.
meet people on a chat on Internet or via e-mail or social networks. meet virtually and not physically
Cybersecurity are measures of adopt of technologies, processes and practices aim to protect computers, networks and digital data from attack.
The attack on computers, networks and interconnected infrastructures with intent to intimidate or coerce a national, international, groups of people or organizations in furtherance of political, social or personal objectives.
[Tech.];[Leg.] The attack on computers, networks and interconnected infrastructures with intent to intimidate or coerce a national, international community.
a business model in which goods or services are shared, swapped, or rented over networks, rather than being owned by individuals
Ex: Airbnb, the peer-to-peer accomodation marketplace Related to the concept of "sharing economy"
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