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1    a recess in a wall, esp. one that contains a statue  
2    any similar recess, such as one in a rock face  
3    a position particularly suitable for the person occupying it  
he found his niche in politics     
4    modifier   relating to or aimed at a small specialized group or market  
5      (Ecology)   the status of a plant or animal within its community, which determines its activities, relationships with other organisms, etc.  
6    tr   to place (a statue) in a niche; ensconce (oneself)  
     (C17: from French, from Old French nichier to nest, from Vulgar Latin nidicare (unattested) to build a nest, from Latin nidus nest)  
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1    alcove, corner, hollow, nook, opening, recess  
2    calling, pigeonhole     (informal)   place, position, slot     (informal)   vocation  

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