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night dancer


      n   (in Uganda) a person believed to employ the help of the dead in destroying other people  
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1    the period of darkness each 24 hours between sunset and sunrise, as distinct from day  
2    modifier   of, occurring, working, etc., at night  
a night nurse     
3    the occurrence of this period considered as a unit  
four nights later they left     
4    the period between sunset and retiring to bed; evening  
5    the time between bedtime and morning  
she spent the night alone     
6    the weather conditions of the night  
a clear night     
7    the activity or experience of a person during a night  
8    sometimes cap   any evening designated for a special observance or function  
9    nightfall or dusk  
10    a state or period of gloom, ignorance, etc.  
11    make a night of it   to go out and celebrate for most of the night  
12    night and day   continually  
that baby cries night and day        (Related adj)        nocturnal  
     (Old English niht; compare Dutch nacht, Latin nox, Greek nux)  
  nightless      adj  
  nightlike      adj  

first night  
a    the first public performance of a play or other production  
b    (as modifier)  
first-night nerves     
fly-by-night   Informal  
1    unreliable or untrustworthy, esp. in finance  
2    brief; impermanent  
      n     (Also called)    fly-by-nighter  
3    an untrustworthy person, esp. one who departs secretly or by night to avoid paying debts  
4    a person who goes out at night to places of entertainment  
good night  
      sentence substitute   a conventional expression of farewell, or, rarely, of greeting, used in the late afternoon, the evening, or at night, esp. when departing to bed  
hen night  
Informal   a party for women only, esp. held for a woman shortly before she is married  
   Compare       hen party       stag night  
night blindness  
      n     (Pathol)      a nontechnical term for       nyctalopia  
  nightblind      adj  
night-blooming cereus  
      n   any of several cacti of the genera Hylocereus, Selenicereus, etc., having large fragrant flowers that open at night  
night dancer  
      n   (in Uganda) a person believed to employ the help of the dead in destroying other people  
night fighter  
      n   an interceptor aircraft used for operations at night  
night heron  
      n   any nocturnal heron of the genus Nycticorax and related genera, having short legs and neck, a heavy body, and a short heavy bill  
night latch  
      n   a door lock that is operated by means of a knob on the inside and a key on the outside  
night letter  
      n   (formerly, in the U.S. and Canada) a telegram sent for delivery the next day at a cheaper rate than a regular telegram  
      n   a dim light burning at night, esp. for children  
      sentence substitute      an informal word for       good night  
night nurse  
      n   a nurse whose duty is to look after a patient or patients during the night  
night owl   , hawk  
Informal   a person who is or prefers to be up and about late at night  
night raven  
Poetic   any bird, esp. the night heron, that is most active at night  
night robe  
      n      a U.S. and Canadian name for       nightdress  
night safe  
      n   a safe built into the outside wall of a bank, in which customers can deposit money at times when the bank is closed  
night school  
      n   an educational institution that holds classes in the evening for those who are not free during the day  
night shift  
1    a group of workers who work a shift during the night in an industry or occupation where a day shift or a back shift are also worked  
2    the period worked,   (See also)        back shift  
night soil  
      n   human excrement collected at night from cesspools, privies, etc., and sometimes used as a fertilizer  
night stick  
      n      a U.S. and Canadian name for       truncheon  
night terrors  
      pl n   a condition in which a person, usually a child, suddenly starts from sleep in a state of extreme fear but cannot later remember the incident  
a    the time from sunset to sunrise; night as distinct from day  
b    (as modifier)  
a night-time prowler     
night watch  
1    a watch or guard kept at night, esp. for security  
2    the period of time the watch is kept  
3    a person who keeps such a watch; night watchman  
night watchman  
1      (Also called)    night watch   a person who keeps guard at night on a factory, public building, etc.  
2      (Cricket)   a batsman sent in to bat to play out time when a wicket has fallen near the end of a day's play  
one-night stand  
1    a performance given only once at any one place  
2    Informal  
a    a sexual encounter lasting only one evening or night  
b    a person regarded as being only suitable for such an encounter  
stag night   , party  
      n   a party for men only, esp. one held for a man before he is married  
   Compare       hen night       hen party  
Twelfth Night  
a    the evening of Jan. 5, the eve of Twelfth Day, formerly observed with various festal celebrations  
b    the evening of Twelfth Day itself  
c    (as modifier)  
Twelfth-Night customs     
Walpurgis Night  
      n   the eve of May 1, believed in German folklore to be the night of a witches' sabbath on the Brocken, in the Harz Mountains  
     (C19: translation of German Walpurgisnacht, the eve of the feast day of St Walpurga, 8th-century abbess in Germany)  
watch night  
      n     (in Protestant churches)  
a    the night of December 24, during which a service is held to mark the arrival of Christmas Day  
b    the night of December 31, during which a service is held to mark the passing of the old year and the beginning of the new  
2    the service held on either of these nights  

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dark, darkness, dead of night, hours of darkness, night-time, night watches  

1    cowboy     (informal)   dubious, questionable, shady, undependable, unreliable, untrustworthy  
2    brief, here today, gone tomorrow, impermanent, short-lived  
night and day     
all the time, ceaselessly, constantly, continually, continuously, day in, day out, endlessly, incessantly, interminably, unremittingly  

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1. [Rel.] expression used to describe metaphorically a period of ignorance and spiritual crisis that precedes the communion with Divinity ; 2. in a larger meaning, it is used when refering to having a hard time, going through a phase of pessimism, sadness, failure etc.
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