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1      (Also called)    mamilla, papilla, teat   the small conical projection in the centre of the areola of each breast, which in women contains the outlet of the milk ducts  
   Related adj       mamillary  
2    something resembling a nipple in shape or function  
3      (Also called)    grease nipple   a small drilled bush, usually screwed into a bearing, through which grease is introduced  
4      (U.S. and Canadian)      an informal word for       dummy       11  
     (C16: from earlier neble, nible, perhaps from neb, nib)  

grease nipple  
      n   a metal nipple designed to engage with a grease gun for injecting grease into a bearing, etc.  
jogger's nipple  
Informal   painful inflammation of the nipple, caused by friction with a garment when running for long distances  
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boob     (slang)   breast, dug, mamilla, pap, papilla, teat, tit, udder  

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A grease nipple or grease fitting, usually mounted on bearings or other mechanical parts that regularly need to be lubricated. Named after its Austrian-born American inventor, Oscar U. Zerk.
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