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a    a colourless odourless relatively unreactive gaseous element that forms 78 per cent (by volume) of the air, occurs in many compounds, and is an essential constituent of proteins and nucleic acids: used in the manufacture of ammonia and other chemicals and as a refrigerant. Symbol: N; atomic no.: 7; atomic wt.: 14.00674; valency: 3 or 5; density: 1/2506 kg/m3; melting pt.: --210.00°C; boiling pt.: --195.8°C  
b    (as modifier)  
nitrogen cycle     

nitrogen cycle  
      n   the natural circulation of nitrogen by living organisms. Nitrates in the soil, derived from dead organic matter by bacterial action (see nitrification, nitrogen fixation), are absorbed and synthesized into complex organic compounds by plants and reduced to nitrates again when the plants and the animals feeding on them die and decay  
nitrogen dioxide  
      n   a red-brown poisonous irritating gas that, at ordinary temperatures, exists in equilibrium with dinitrogen tetroxide. It is an intermediate in the manufacture of nitric acid, a nitrating agent, and an oxidizer for rocket fuels. Formula: NO2  
nitrogen fixation  
1    the conversion of atmospheric nitrogen into nitrogen compounds by certain bacteria, such as Rhizobium in the root nodules of legumes  
2    a process, such as the Haber process, in which atmospheric nitrogen is converted into a nitrogen compound, used esp. for the manufacture of fertilizer  
  nitrogen-fixing      adj  
nitrogen monoxide  
      n      the systematic name for       nitric oxide  
nitrogen mustard  
      n   any of a class of organic compounds resembling mustard gas in their molecular structure. General formula: RN(CH2CH2Cl)2, where R is an organic group: important in the treatment of cancer  
nitrogen peroxide  
1       an obsolete name for       nitrogen dioxide  
2    the equilibrium mixture of nitrogen dioxide and dinitrogen tetroxide  
nitrogen tetroxide  
1       another name for       dinitrogen tetroxide  
2    a brown liquefied mixture of nitrogen dioxide and dinitrogen tetroxide, used as a nitrating, bleaching, and oxidizing agent  
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