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nod off


      vb   intr, adv  
Informal   to fall asleep  
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      vb   , nods, nodding, nodded  
1    to lower and raise (the head) briefly, as to indicate agreement, invitation, etc.  
2    tr   to express or indicate by nodding  
she nodded approval     
3    tr   to bring or direct by nodding  
she nodded me towards the manager's office     
4    intr   (of flowers, trees, etc.) to sway or bend forwards and back  
5    intr   to let the head fall forward through drowsiness; be almost asleep  
the old lady sat nodding by the fire     
6    intr   to be momentarily inattentive or careless  
even Homer sometimes nods     
7    a quick down-and-up movement of the head, as in assent, command, etc.  
she greeted him with a nod     
8    a short sleep; nap  
   See also       land of Nod  
9    a swaying motion, as of flowers, etc., in the wind  
10    nodding acquaintance   a slight, casual, or superficial knowledge (of a subject or a person)  
11    on the nod  
a    agreed, as in a committee meeting, without any formal procedure  
b    (formerly) on credit  
12    the nod     (Boxing, informal)   the award of a contest to a competitor on the basis of points scored,   (See also)        nod off       nod out  
     (C14 nodde, of obscure origin)  
  nodding      adj, n  

land of Nod  
1      (Old Testament)   a region to the east of Eden to which Cain went after he had killed Abel (Genesis 4:14)  
2    an imaginary land of sleep  
      vb   , -nods, -nodding, -nodded   to nod repeatedly  
     (C18: reduplication of nod)  
nod off  
      vb   intr, adv  
Informal   to fall asleep  
nod out  
      vb   intr, adv  
Slang   to lapse into stupor, esp. on heroin  

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1    acknowledge, bob, bow, dip, duck, gesture, indicate, nutate     (rare)   salute, signal  
2    agree, assent, concur, show agreement  
3    be sleepy, doze, droop, drowse, kip     (Brit. slang)   nap, sleep, slump, zizz     (Brit. informal)  
4    acknowledgment, beck, gesture, greeting, indication, salute, sign, signal  

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telling someone to fight you."do sth !"
wave hand as a sign of rejection, disapproval or lack of interest
to depend on something or on someone to cover the basic expenses
E.g.: He lived off the money he inherited from his father while he had been working as a volunteer.
expression meaning that a situation is no longer certain or predictable and that anything can happen
originating from horse racing where "all bets are off" indicated that bets already made were null due to various unpredicted factors
live without being connected to one of more public utilities (such as water, electric power)
laughing my fucking ass off
mislead someone; deliberately provide wrong information to forbid someone from knowing the truth
E.g.: They are no longer in town, but hey left their car in front of the house just to put everybody off the scent.
get well with someone from the very beginning of the relationship
used when referring to romantic relationship, but also in a larger meaning: He hit it off with his teacher; he will continue taking classes with her.
to attempt or take on a task that is way to big and beyond one's capability
I wonder if that craftsman will be able to fulfil the three commitments he took on at the same time; in my opinion he bites off more than he can chew!
make an obscene and offensive gesture at someone by closing one's fist and extending one's middle finger upwards, interpreted as"Sod off!"; [US] flip (sb) off / flip (sb) the bird
Ex.: he has an unfortunate tendency and somewhat dangerous habit of giving the finger to motorists who cut in front of him.
go away idiot, fool ; leave me alone idiot, fool ; fuck you idiot, fool ; fuck off idiot, fool.
talk incessantly ; be very talkative/voluble ; be a chatterbox
[UK] [informal] Ex: When it comes to Pink Floyd, his all-time favorite band, he can talk the hind legs off a donkey!
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