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1    a knot, swelling, or knob  
2    the point on a plant stem from which the leaves or lateral branches grow  
3      (Physics)   a point at which the amplitude of one of the two kinds of displacement in a standing wave has zero or minimum value. Generally the other kind of displacement has its maximum value at this point  
   See also       standing wave  
4      (Also called)    crunode     (Maths)   a point at which two branches of a curve intersect, each branch having a distinct tangent  
5      (Maths, linguistics)   one of the objects of which a graph or a tree consists; vertex  
6      (Astronomy)   either of the two points at which the orbit of a body intersects the plane of the ecliptic. When the body moves from the south to the north side of the ecliptic it passes the ascending node and from the north to the south side it passes the descending node  
7      (Anatomy)  
a    any natural bulge or swelling of a structure or part, such as those that occur along the course of a lymphatic vessel (lymph node)  
b    a finger joint or knuckle  
8      (Computing)   an interconnection point on a computer network  
     (C16: from Latin nodus knot)  

lymph node  
      n   any of numerous bean-shaped masses of tissue, situated along the course of lymphatic vessels, that help to protect against infection by killing bacteria and neutralizing toxins and are the source of lymphocytes  
node house  
      n   a prefabricated shelter used by welders during the construction of an oil rig  
node of Ranvier  
      n   any of the gaps that occur at regular intervals along the length of the sheath of a myelinated nerve fibre, at which the axon is exposed  
     (C19: named after Louis-Antoine Ranvier (1835--1922), French histologist)  
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bud, bump, burl, growth, knob, knot, lump, nodule, protuberance, swelling  

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! noded adj.
That contains a node or nodes. Also as the second element in compounds: that contains or has a specified number of nodes.
[US] es genial

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