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1    a small knot, lump, or node  
2      (Also called)    root nodule   any of the knoblike outgrowths on the roots of clover and many other legumes: contain bacteria involved in nitrogen fixation  
3      (Anatomy)   any small node or knoblike protuberance  
4    a small rounded lump of rock or mineral substance, esp. in a matrix of different rock material  
     (C17: from Latin nodulus, from nodus knot)  
  nodular, nodulose, nodulous      adj  

manganese nodule  
      n     (Geology)   a small irregular concretion found on deep ocean floors having high concentrations of certain metals, esp. manganese  
root nodule  
      n   a swelling on the root of a leguminous plant, such as the pea or clover, that contains bacteria of the genus Rhizobium, capable of nitrogen fixation  
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