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1    a sound, esp. one that is loud or disturbing  
2    loud shouting; clamour; din  
3    any undesired electrical disturbance in a circuit, degrading the useful information in a signal  
   See also       signal-to-noise ratio  
4    undesired or irrelevant elements in a visual image  
removing noise from pictures     
5    talk or interest  
noise about strikes     
6    pl   conventional comments or sounds conveying a reaction, attitude, feeling, etc.  
she made sympathetic noises     
7    make a noise   to talk a great deal or complain  
8    make noises about  
Informal   to give indications of one's intentions  
the government is making noises about new social security arrangements     
9    noises off     (Theatre)   sounds made offstage intended for the ears of the audience: used as a stage direction  
10    tr; usually foll by: abroad or about   to spread (news, gossip, etc.)  
11    intr  
Rare   to talk loudly or at length  
12    intr  
Rare   to make a din or outcry; be noisy  
     (C13: from Old French, from Latin: nausea)  

ambient noise  
      n   the level of the total noise in an area  
big noise  
Informal   an important person  
noise generator  
      n   a device used in synthesizers to produce high-frequency sound effects  
noise pollution  
      n   annoying or harmful noise in an environment  
perceived noise decibel  
      n   a unit for measuring perceived levels of noise by comparison with the sound pressure level of a reference sound judged equally noisy by a normal listener,   (Abbrev.)    PNdB  
pink noise  
      n   noise containing a mixture of frequencies, but excluding higher frequencies  
Schottky noise  
      n      another name for       shot noise  
shot noise   , effect  
      n   the inherent electronic noise arising in an electric current because of the discontinuous nature of conduction by electrons,   (Also called)    Schottky noise  
signal-to-noise ratio  
      n   the ratio of one parameter, such as power of a wanted signal to the same parameter of the noise at a specified point in an electronic circuit, etc.  
surface noise  
      n   noise produced by the friction of the needle or stylus of a record player with the rotating record, caused by a static charge, dust, or irregularities on the surface of a record  
thermal noise  
      n   electrical noise caused by thermal agitation of conducting electrons  
white noise  
a    sound or electrical noise that has a relatively wide continuous range of frequencies of uniform intensity  
b    noise containing all frequencies rising in level by six decibels every octave  
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      n   babble, blare, clamour, clatter, commotion, cry, din, fracas, hubbub, outcry, pandemonium, racket, row, rumpus, sound, talk, tumult, uproar  
      vb   advertise, bruit, circulate, gossip, publicize, repeat, report, rumour  

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