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1    in name only; theoretical  
the nominal leader     
2    minimal in comparison with real worth or what is expected; token  
a nominal fee     
3    of, relating to, constituting, bearing, or giving a name  
4      (Grammar)   of or relating to a noun or noun phrase  
5      (Grammar)   a nominal element; a noun, noun phrase, or syntactically similar structure  
6      (Bell-ringing)   the harmonic an octave above the strike tone of a bell  
     (C15: from Latin nominalis of a name, from nomen name)  
  nominally      adv  

nominal aphasia  
      n   aphasia in which the primary symptom is an inability to recognize words and to speak the right word  
nominal scale  
      n     (Statistics)   a discrete classification of data, in which data are neither measured nor ordered but subjects are merely allocated to distinct categories: for instance, a record of students' course choices constitutes nominal data which could be correlated with school results  
   Compare       ordinal scale       interval scale       ratio scale  
nominal value  
      n      another name for       par value  
nominal wages  
      pl n      another name for       money wages  
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1    formal, ostensible, pretended, professed, puppet, purported, self-styled, so-called, soi-disant, supposed, theoretical, titular  
2    inconsiderable, insignificant, minimal, small, symbolic, token, trifling, trivial  

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