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nose wheel


      n   a wheel fitted to the forward end of a vehicle, esp. the landing wheel under the nose of an aircraft  
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1    the organ of smell and entrance to the respiratory tract, consisting of a prominent structure divided into two hair-lined air passages by a median septum  
   Related adjs       nasal       rhinal  
2    the sense of smell itself: in hounds and other animals, the ability to follow trails by scent (esp. in the phrases a good nose, a bad nose)  
3       another word for       bouquet       2  
4    instinctive skill or facility, esp. in discovering things (sometimes in the phrase follow one's nose)  
he had a nose for good news stories     
5    any part regarded as resembling a nose in form or function, such as a nozzle or spout  
6    the forward part of a vehicle, aircraft, etc., esp. the front end of an aircraft  
7    narrow margin of victory (in the phrase (win) by a nose)  
8    cut off one's nose to spite one's face   to carry out a vengeful action that hurts oneself more than another  
9    get up (someone's) nose  
Informal   to annoy or irritate (someone)  
10    keep one's nose clean   to stay out of trouble; behave properly  
11    keep one's nose to the grindstone   to work hard and continuously  
12    lead (someone) by the nose   to make (someone) do unquestioningly all one wishes; dominate (someone)  
13    look down one's nose at  
Informal   to be contemptuous or disdainful of  
14    nose to tail   (of vehicles) moving or standing very close behind one another  
15    on the nose  
a    (in horse-race betting) to win only  
I bet twenty pounds on the nose on that horse     
b      (Chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   precisely; exactly  
c      (Austral)   bad or bad-smelling  
16    pay through the nose  
Informal   to pay an exorbitant price  
17    poke, stick, etc., one's nose into  
Informal   to pry into or interfere in  
18    put someone's nose out of joint  
Informal   to thwart or offend someone, esp. by supplanting him or gaining something he regards as his  
19    rub someone's nose in it  
Informal   to remind someone unkindly of his failing or error  
20    see no further than (the end of) one's nose  
a    to be short-sighted; suffer from myopia  
b    to lack insight or foresight  
21    turn up one's nose (at)  
Informal   to behave disdainfully (towards)  
22    under one's nose  
a    directly in front of one  
b    without one noticing  
23    with one's nose in the air   haughtily  
24    tr   (esp. of horses, dogs, etc.) to rub, touch, or sniff with the nose; nuzzle  
25    to smell or sniff (wine, etc.)  
26    intr; usually foll by: after or for   to search (for) by or as if by scent  
27    to move or cause to move forwards slowly and carefully  
the car nosed along the cliff top, we nosed the car into the garage     
28    intr; foll by: into, around, about, etc.   to pry or snoop (into) or meddle (in),   (See also)        nose out  
     (Old English nosu; related to Old Frisian nose, Norwegian nosa to smell and nus smell)  
  noseless      adj  
  noselike      adj  

Taboo slang  
1    to be abjectly subservient (to); curry favour (with)  
2    an abjectly subservient person; sycophant  
     (C20: from the notion that a subservient person kisses the backside of the person with whom he is currying favour)  
bull nose  
1    a disease of pigs caused by infection with the bacterium Actinomyces necrophorus, characterized by swelling of the snout  
2    a rounded edge of a brick, step, etc.  
3    a rounded exterior angle, as where two walls meet  
nose cone  
      n   the conical forward section of a missile, spacecraft, etc., designed to withstand high temperatures, esp. during re-entry into the earth's atmosphere  
nose dive  
1    a sudden plunge with the nose or front pointing downwards, esp. of an aircraft  
2    Informal   a sudden drop or sharp decline  
prices took a nose dive     
3    to perform or cause to perform a nose dive  
4    intr  
Informal   to drop suddenly  
nose flute  
      n   (esp. in the South Sea Islands) a type of flute blown through the nose  
nose job  
Slang   a surgical remodelling of the nose for cosmetic reasons  
nose out  
      vb   tr, adv  
1    to discover by smelling  
2    to discover by cunning or persistence  
the reporter managed to nose out a few facts     
3    Informal   to beat by a narrow margin  
he was nosed out of first place by the champion     
nose rag  
Slang   a handkerchief  
nose ring  
      n   a ring fixed through the nose, as for leading a bull  
nose wheel  
      n   a wheel fitted to the forward end of a vehicle, esp. the landing wheel under the nose of an aircraft  
parson's nose  
      n   the fatty extreme end portion of the tail of a fowl when cooked,   (Also called)    popes nose  
pope's nose  
      n      another name for       parson's nose  
pug nose  
      n   a short stubby upturned nose  
     (C18: from pug1)  
  pug-nosed      adj  
Roman nose  
      n   a nose having a high prominent bridge  

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1    beak, bill, conk     (slang)   hooter     (slang)   neb     (archaic or dialect)   proboscis, schnozzle     (slang, chiefly U.S.)   snitch     (slang)   snout     (slang)  
2    detect, scent, search (for), smell, sniff  
3    ease forward, nudge, nuzzle, push, shove  
4    meddle, pry, snoop     (informal)  

nose dive     
dive, drop, plummet, plunge  

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launch the process, launch the project, make sure that progress is under way
a prank on Twitter consisting of posting a link to a picture of a duck on wheels
word used to describe the sound made by the wheels of a train
by extension, it can be applied to other rhythmic similar sounds (for example, the sound of a clock or of a typing machine)
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