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1    any series of signs or symbols used to represent quantities or elements in a specialized system, such as music or mathematics  
2    the act or process of notating  
a    the act of noting down  
b    a note or record  
     (C16: from Latin notatio a marking, from notare to note)  
  notational      adj  

algebraic notation  
      n     (Chess)   the standard method of denoting the squares on the chessboard, by allotting a letter, a, b, c, up to h, to each of the files running up the board from White's side, starting from the left, and a number to each of the ranks across the board, starting with White's first rank  
binary notation   , system  
      n   a number system having a base of two, numbers being expressed by sequences of the digits 0 and 1: used in computing, as 0 and 1 can be represented electrically as off and on  
descriptive notation  
      n     (Chess)   a method of denoting the squares on the chessboard in which each player names the files from the pieces that stand on them at the opening and numbers the ranks away from himself  
   Compare       algebraic notation  
hexadecimal notation   , hexadecimal  
      n   a number system having a base 16; the symbols for the numbers 0--9 are the same as those used in the decimal system, and the numbers 10--15 are usually represented by the letters A--F. The system is used as a convenient way of representing the internal binary code of a computer  
octal notation   , octal  
      n   a number system having a base 8: often used in computing, one octal digit being equivalent to a group of three bits  
Polish notation  
      n   a logical notation that dispenses with the need for brackets by writing the logical constants as operators preceding their arguments  
positional notation  
      n   the method of denoting numbers by the use of a finite number of digits, each digit having its value multiplied by its place value, as in 936 = (9x100) + (3x10) + 6  
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1    characters, code, script, signs, symbols, system  
2    jotting, notating, note, noting, record  

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