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,   (before a plural noun)   nouveaux  
      adj   prenominal  
Facetious or derogatory   having recently become the thing specified  
a nouveau hippy     
     (C20: French, literally: new; on the model of nouveau riche)  

Art Nouveau     (French)  
a    a style of art and architecture of the 1890s, characterized by swelling sinuous outlines and stylized natural forms, such as flowers and leaves  
b    (as modifier)  
an Art-Nouveau mirror     
     (French, literally: new art)  
nouveau riche     (French)  
      n   pl   , nouveaux riches     (French)  
1    often pl and preceded by: the   a person who has acquired wealth recently and is regarded as vulgarly ostentatious or lacking in social graces  
2    of or characteristic of the nouveaux riches  
     (French, literally: new rich)  
nouveau roman     (French)  
      n   pl   , nouveaux romans      another term for       anti-roman  
     (literally: new novel)  
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