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      n   pl   , -clei   , -cleuses  
1    a central or fundamental part or thing around which others are grouped; core  
2    a centre of growth or development; basis; kernel  
the nucleus of an idea     
3      (Biology)   the spherical or ovoid compartment of a cell, bounded by a membrane, that contains the chromosomes and associated molecules that control the characteristics and growth of the cell  
4      (Anatomy)   any of various groups of nerve cells in the central nervous system  
5      (Astronomy)   the central portion in the head of a comet, consisting of small solid particles of ice and frozen gases, which vaporize on approaching the sun to form the coma and tail  
6      (Physics)   the positively charged dense region at the centre of an atom, composed of protons and neutrons, about which electrons orbit  
7      (Chem)   a fundamental group of atoms in a molecule serving as the base structure for related compounds and remaining unchanged during most chemical reactions  
the benzene nucleus     
8      (Botany)  
a    the central point of a starch granule  
b       a rare name for       nucellus  
9      (Phonetics)   the most sonorous part of a syllable, usually consisting of a vowel or frictionless continuant  
10      (Logic)   the largest individual that is a mereological part of every member of a given class  
     (C18: from Latin: kernel, from nux nut)  

crystal nucleus  
      n     (Chem)   the tiny crystal that forms at the onset of crystallization  
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basis, centre, core, focus, heart, kernel, nub, pivot  

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