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1    without legal force; invalid; (esp. in the phrase null and void)  
2    without value or consequence; useless  
3    lacking distinction; characterless  
a null expression     
4    nonexistent; amounting to nothing  
5      (Maths)  
a    quantitatively zero  
b    relating to zero  
c    (of a set) having no members  
d    (of a sequence) having zero as a limit  
6      (Physics)   involving measurement in which an instrument has a zero reading, as with a Wheatstone bridge  
     (C16: from Latin nullus none, from ne not + ullus any)  

aleph-null   , aleph-zero  
      n   the smallest infinite cardinal number; the cardinal number of the set of positive integers.,   (Symbol)    א0  
null hypothesis  
      n     (Statistics)   the residual hypothesis if the alternative hypothesis tested against it fails to achieve a predetermined significance level  
   See       hypothesis testing  
    alternative hypothesis  
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characterless, ineffectual, inoperative, invalid, nonexistent, null and void, powerless, useless, vain, valueless, void, worthless  

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