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1      (Myth)   a spirit of nature envisaged as a beautiful maiden  
2    Chiefly poetic   a beautiful young woman  
3    the larva of insects such as the dragonfly and mayfly. It resembles the adult, apart from having underdeveloped wings and reproductive organs, and develops into the adult without a pupal stage  
     (C14: via Old French from Latin, from Greek numphe nymph; related to Latin nubere to marry)  
  nymphal, nymphean      adj  
  nymphlike      adj  

water nymph  
1    any fabled nymph of the water, such as the Naiad, Nereid, or Oceanid of Greek mythology  
2    any of various aquatic plants, esp. a water lily or a naiad  
wood nymph  
      n   one of a class of nymphs fabled to inhabit the woods, such as a dryad  
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damsel, dryad, girl, hamadryad, lass, maid, maiden, naiad, Oceanid     (Greek myth)   oread, sylph  

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