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1    any deciduous or evergreen tree or shrub of the fagaceous genus Quercus, having acorns as fruits and lobed leaves  
   See also       holm oak       cork oak       red oak       Turkey oak       durmast  
Related adj  
a    the wood of any of these trees, used esp. as building timber and for making furniture  
b    (as modifier)  
an oak table     
3    any of various trees that resemble the oak, such as the poison oak, silky oak, and Jerusalem oak  
4    the leaves of an oak tree, worn as a garland  
5    the dark brownish colour of oak wood  
6      (Austral)   any of various species of casuarina, such as desert oak, swamp oak, or she-oak  
     (Old English ac; related to Old Norse eik, Old High German eih, Latin aesculus)  

bog oak  
      n   oak or other wood found preserved in peat bogs; bogwood  
bur oak  
      n   an E North American oak, Quercus macrocarpa, having fringed acorn cups and durable timber  
cork oak  
      n   an evergreen Mediterranean oak tree, Quercus suber, with a porous outer bark from which cork is obtained,   (Also called)    cork tree  
desert oak  
      n   a tree, Casuarina decaisneana, of Central and NW Australia, the timber of which is resistant to termite attack  
holm oak  
      n   an evergreen Mediterranean oak tree, Quercus ilex, with prickly leaves resembling holly,   (Also called)    holm, holly oak, ilex  
Jerusalem oak  
      n   a weedy North American chenopodiaceous plant, Chenopodium botrys, that has lobed leaves and smells of turpentine  
live oak  
      n   a hard-wooded evergreen oak, Quercus virginianus, of S North America: used for shipbuilding  
native oak  
      n     (Austral)      another name for       casuarina  
oak apple   , gall  
      n   any of various brownish round galls on oak trees, containing the larva of certain wasps  
Oak-apple Day  
      n   (in Britain) May 29, the anniversary of the Restoration (1660), formerly commemorated by the wearing of oak apples or oak leaves, recalling the Boscobel oak in which Charles II hid after the battle of Worcester  
oak fern  
      n   a graceful light green polypody fern, Thelypteris dryopteris, having a creeping rhizome, found in acid woodlands of the northern hemisphere  
oak-leaf cluster  
      n     (U.S)   an insignia consisting of oak leaves and acorns awarded to holders of certain military decorations to indicate a further award of the same decoration  
pedunculate oak  
      n   a large deciduous oak tree, Quercus robur, of Eurasia, having lobed leaves and stalked acorns,   (Also called)    common oak  
poison oak  
1    either of two North American anacardiaceous shrubs, Rhus toxicodendron or R. diversiloba, that are related to the poison ivy and cause a similar rash  
   See also       sumach       1  
2    not in technical use      another name for       poison ivy  
red oak  
1    any of several deciduous oak trees, esp. Quercus borealis, native to North America, having bristly leaves with triangular lobes and acorns with small cups  
2    the hard cross-grained reddish wood of this tree  
sessile oak  
      n      another name for the       durmast       1  
      n   any of various Australian trees of the genus Casuarina  
   See       casuarina  
     (C18 she (in the sense: inferior) + oak)  
silky oak  
      n   any of several trees of the Australian genus Grevillea, esp. G. robusta, having divided leaves and showy clusters of orange, red, or white flowers: cultivated in the tropics as shade trees: family Proteaceae  
Turkey oak  
      n   an oak tree, Quercus cerris, of W and S Europe, with deeply lobed hairy leaves  
     (C18: so called because its acorns are often eaten by turkeys)  
white oak  
1    a large oak tree, Quercus alba, of E North America, having pale bark, leaves with rounded lobes, and heavy light-coloured wood  
2    any of several other oaks, such as the roble  
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