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1    a woodwind instrument of the family that includes the bassoon and cor anglais, consisting of a conical tube fitted with a mouthpiece having a double reed. It has a penetrating nasal tone. Range: about two octaves plus a sixth upwards from B flat below middle C  
2    a person who plays this instrument in an orchestra  
second oboe        (Archaic form)    hautboy  
     (C18: via Italian oboe, phonetic approximation to French haut bois, literally: high wood (referring to its pitch))  
  oboist      n  

oboe da caccia  
      n   a member of the oboe family; the predecessor of the cor anglais  
     (Italian: hunting oboe)  
oboe d'amore  
      n   a type of oboe pitched a minor third lower than the oboe itself. It is used chiefly in the performance of baroque music  
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