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1    the act of observing or the state of being observed  
2    a comment or remark  
3    detailed examination of phenomena prior to analysis, diagnosis, or interpretation  
the patient was under observation     
4    the facts learned from observing  
5       an obsolete word for       observance  
6      (Navigation)  
a    a sight taken with an instrument to determine the position of an observer relative to that of a given heavenly body  
b    the data so taken  
  observational      adj  
  observationally      adv  

mass observation  
      n     (Chiefly Brit)   sometimes caps   the study of the social habits of people through observation, interviews, etc.  
observation car  
      n   a railway carriage fitted with large expanses of glass to provide a good view of the scenery  
observation post  
      n     (Military)   a position from which observations can be made or from which fire can be directed  
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1    attention, cognition, consideration, examination, experience, information, inspection, knowledge, monitoring, notice, review, scrutiny, study, surveillance, watching  
2    annotation, comment, finding, note, obiter dictum, opinion, pronouncement, reflection, remark, thought, utterance  

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