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1    mentally slow or emotionally insensitive  
2      (Maths)  
a    (of an angle) lying between 90° and 180°  
b    (of a triangle) having one interior angle greater than 90°  
3    not sharp or pointed  
4    indistinctly felt, heard, etc.; dull  
obtuse pain     
5    (of a leaf or similar flat part) having a rounded or blunt tip  
     (C16: from Latin obtusus dulled, past participle of obtundere to beat down; see obtund)  
  obtusely      adv  
  obtuseness      n  
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1    boneheaded     (slang)   dead from the neck up     (informal)   dense, dopey     (informal)   dull, dull-witted, dumb     (informal)   heavy, imperceptive, insensitive, muttonheaded     (slang)   retarded, slow, slow on the uptake     (informal)   stolid, stupid, thick, thick-skinned, uncomprehending, unintelligent  
2    blunt, rounded  
1    astute, bright, clever, keen, quick, sensitive, sharp, shrewd, smart  

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