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      pl n  
1    foll by: on or against   the probability, expressed as a ratio, that a certain event will take place  
the odds against the outsider are a hundred to one     
2    the amount, expressed as a ratio, by which the wager of one better is greater than that of another  
he was offering odds of five to one     
3    the likelihood that a certain state of affairs will be found to be so  
the odds are that he is drunk     
4    the chances or likelihood of success in a certain undertaking  
their odds were very poor after it rained     
5    an equalizing allowance, esp. one given to a weaker side in a contest  
6    the advantage that one contender is judged to have over another  
the odds are on my team     
7      (Brit)   a significant difference (esp. in the phrase it makes no odds)  
8    at odds  
a    on bad terms  
b    appearing not to correspond or match  
the silvery hair was at odds with her youthful shape     
9    give or lay odds   to offer a bet with favourable odds  
10    take odds   to accept such a bet  
11    over the odds  
a    more than is expected, necessary, etc.  
he got two pounds over the odds for this job     
b    unfair or excessive  
12    what's the odds?     (Brit)  
informal   what difference does it make?  

odds and ends  
      pl n   miscellaneous items or articles  
odds and sods  
      pl n     (Brit)  
informal   miscellaneous people or things  
1    (of a chance, horse, etc.) rated at even money or less to win  
2    regarded as more or most likely to win, succeed, happen, etc.  
short odds  
      pl n   (in betting) an almost even chance  
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1    advantage, allowance, edge, lead, superiority  
2    balance, chances, likelihood, probability  
3      (Brit.)   difference, disparity, dissimilarity, distinction  
4    at odds      at daggers drawn, at loggerheads, at sixes and sevens, at variance, in conflict, in disagreement, in opposition to, not in keeping, on bad terms, out of line  

odds and ends     
bits, bits and pieces, debris, leavings, litter, oddments, remnants, rubbish, scraps, sundry or miscellaneous items  

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freaky means odd, strange, unusual
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