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1    a lyric poem, typically addressed to a particular subject, with lines of varying lengths and complex rhythms  
   See also       Horatian ode       Pindaric ode  
2    (formerly) a poem meant to be sung  
     (C16: via French from Late Latin oda, from Greek oide, from aeidein to sing)  

Horatian ode


      n   an ode of several stanzas, each of the same metrical pattern,   (Also called)    Sapphic ode  
-ode   [1]  
      n combining form   denoting resemblance  
     (from Greek -odes, from eidos shape, form)  
-ode   [2]  
      n combining form   denoting a path or way  
     (from Greek -odos, from hodos a way)  
Pindaric ode  
      n   a form of ode associated with Pindar consisting of a triple unit or groups of triple units, with a strophe and an antistrophe of identical structure followed by an epode of a different structure,   (Often shortened to)    Pindaric  
Sapphic ode  
      n      another term for       Horatian ode  
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