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      n   an amorphous, usually iridescent, mineral that can be of almost any colour, found in igneous rocks and around hot springs. It is used as a gemstone. Composition: hydrated silica. Formula: SiO2.nH2O  
     (C16: from Latin opalus, from Greek opallios, from Sanskrit upala precious stone)  
  opal-like      adj  

black opal  
      n   any opal of a dark coloration, not necessarily black  
fire opal  
      n   an orange-red translucent variety of opal, valued as a gemstone  
liver opal  
      n   a form of opal having a reddish-brown coloration,   (Also called)    menilite  
opal glass  
      n   glass that is opalescent or white, made by the addition of fluorides  
wood opal  
      n   a form of petrified wood impregnated by common opal  
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