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1    of or relating to the eye or vision  
2       a less common word for       optical  
3       an informal word for       eye   1  
4      (Brit)   trademark   a device attached to an inverted bottle for dispensing measured quantities of liquid, such as whisky, gin, etc.  
     (C16: from Medieval Latin opticus, from Greek optikos, from optos visible, seen; related to ops eye)  

optic axis  
      n   the direction in a uniaxial crystal or one of the two directions in a biaxial crystal along which a ray of unpolarized light may pass without undergoing double refraction  
optic disc  
      n   a small oval-shaped area on the retina marking the site of entrance into the eyeball of the optic nerve  
   See       blind spot       1  
optic nerve  
      n   the second cranial nerve, which provides a sensory pathway from the retina to the brain  
optic thalamus  
      n     (Anatomy)      an older term for       thalamus       1, 2  
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