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1    the act or an instance of choosing or deciding  
2    the power or liberty to choose  
3    an exclusive opportunity, usually for a limited period, to buy something at a future date  
he has a six month option on the Canadian rights to this book     
4      (Commerce)   the right to buy (call option) or sell (put option) a fixed quantity of a commodity, security, foreign exchange, etc., at a fixed price at a specified date in the future  
   See also       traded option  
5    something chosen; choice  
6      (N.Z.)      short for       local option  
7    keep (or leave) one's options open   not to commit oneself  
8       See       soft option  
9    tr   to obtain or grant an option on  
the BBC have optioned her latest novel     
     (C17: from Latin optio free choice, from optare to choose)  

crown-jewel option  
Informal   an option given by a company subjected to an unwelcome takeover bid to a friendly firm, allowing this firm to buy one or more of its best businesses if the bid succeeds  
local option  
      n   (esp. in Scotland, New Zealand, and the U.S.) the privilege of a municipality, county, etc., to determine by referendum whether a particular activity, esp. the sale of liquor, shall be permitted there  
option money  
      n     (Commerce)   the price paid for buying an option  
share option  
      n   a scheme giving employees an option to buy shares in the company for which they work at a favourable price or discount  
soft option  
      n   in a number of choices, the one considered to be easy or the easiest to do, involving the least difficulty or exertion  
traded option  
      n     (Stock Exchange)   an option that can itself be bought and sold on a stock exchange  
   Compare       traditional option  
traditional option  
      n     (Stock Exchange)   an option that once purchased cannot be resold  
   Compare       traded option  
zero option  
      n   (in international nuclear arms negotiations) an offer to remove all shorter-range nuclear missiles or, in the case of the zero-zero option all intermediate-range nuclear missiles, if the other side will do the same  
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alternative, choice, election, preference, selection  

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reach an extreme point or an upper limit; exhaust all options or resources
Used to express that it is impossible to decide between two options because they're equal
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